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Since there are no known pictures of Charlie Scully in existence...

Dana Scully collage by Sarah Marsh, The Mulder & Scully Art Gallery

    Who is Charlie Scully?

    He's Dana Scully's younger brother, the fourth of the Scully children.

    That's about all we know about him. Chris Carter's never told us anything except that he, Bill and Dana used to shoot BB guns together when they were kids.
    We don't know how old he is, if he's married, if he has kids, where he lives, if he's in the Navy like Bill, what he does for a living if he isn't...
    We don't even know if Dana calls him Charlie or Charles or Chuck!

    So it's up to fanfic writers to create him.

    This is an archive of Charlie Scully stories. Stories about him. Stories he appears in. Stories he tells. (But not stories in which he's just mentioned --
    that's no better than how Chris treats him!)

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