Any genre, any rating. Pre-XF, post-colonization. Stories, poems, novels, vignettes. Post-eps, stand-alones, parts of a series. If you've written a whole series about Charlie Scully, that's welcome too!


Here are the rules:

Make sure your story is formatted properly! Consult the formatting guide at The Gossamer Project for help. Bad formatting is really the only thing that'll get your story rejected here, so pay attention to this.

Charlie Scully must appear in your story. It can be a story about him, narrated by him, or he can be a peripheral character. Stories in which Charlie is only mentioned don't count -- unless the story is about Charlie's death.

I'll accept text file attachments or links to your website. A text file should be just that -- a text file, not a word processor file. If you provide a link, please make sure it's the direct link to the story on your site.

Send your story with "CharlieFic Submission" in the subject line to this email addie.


That's it! Thanks for submitting!